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Fabio Alfano

In the early ’90s, this career chose me, rather than the other way around.
It all began in a small town in southern Italy, Giffoni (the city of cinema), at my father’s salon from the age of 15, when I began learning things books could never teach me. Working with hair quickly became my passion: this quest to innovate and improve my craft led me to discoveries around Italy, where I acquired new skills. At age 19, I made a first stop in Florence for a few months, later moving to Bologna for 5 years.

London became my home in the new millennium, and the British hairdressing industry altered my perspective. I was able to join Toni&Guy and was assigned to their flagship Mayfair salon along with Toni, his brother Anthony and their amazing team, and later joined their academy as an educator.

In 2006, I had the “Tokyo calling”:  a job offer as a director for a Western hair salon. After spending 10 years there, which included hair events and working with some celebrities, I decided to continue living my dream and to achieve my goal of sharing my knowledge teaching others. Welcome to FA Hairdressing.


Hi, I’m Shingo from Hakodate, Hokkaido, in northern Japan. After graduating from a beauty school in my hometown, I moved to a salon in Kamakura, near Tokyo. However, my desire to acquire an international hairdressing experience brought me to meet Fabio in Tokyo, in 2013. I then became his assistant, and I followed Fabio to become a part of the opening of FA Hairdressing, where I work today as a stylist.

I consider myself fortunate that under the FA training I gained many dream skills, such as working with Western clients. My hairdressing lifestyle goes beyond just a job!

stylist assistant

My name is Aya and I’m from Tachikawa, western Tokyo. 

Passionate about becoming an international hairstylist, I joined FA Hairdressing in April 2019.

My passion for the beauty industry started from a very young age, and I’m working very hard to gain experience at FA Hairdressing. I like to participate in training and seminars to keep myself informed on the latest trends and up to date with the new techniques.

I love the international and friendly atmosphere of the salon.

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