Brazilian Keratin & Perm

Smooth, curly or wavy:
Exclusive treatments for the beauty & health of your hair.

At Fabio Alfano Hairdressing, we can smooth or nourish your hair with a revolutionary keratin-based treatment or create soft curls or waves that look natural and in excellent condition.

Brazilian Keratin

Brazilian Keratin Treatment is designed to help manage unruly, frizzy hair types. Our treatments are formaldehyde-free and safe for even the most sensitive scalps. .

It helps to soften waves and smooth the overall hair structure, significantly reducing the daily styling time. A long-lasting transformation into perfectly smooth and soft hair for up to 3–5 months. Reducing up to 95% of frizzy hair, this life-changing treatment is suitable for any hair type.

We are working with two of the best products on the market


Organic Solutions for Hair is a professional hair smoothing system that combines science and organic ingredients to create hair that is smooth and easy to manage. The inclusion of wildcrafted organic ingredients, amino acids, ceramides and hyaluronic acid helps to give strength, shine and hydration. Australian owned and developed formula.

Japanese Straight Perm

A treatment technique developed in Japan which restructures the bonds in your hair. This styling technique involves the flattening and straightening of hair in order to give it a smooth, streamlined and soft look, for minimum blow-drying required! Booking by phone is required for those who had previously bleached their hair.

Curly / Wave

A curly or wave permanent is commonly called perm, and involves the use of chemicals to break and reform the bonds of your hair. Different types of perms can be achieved through various processes to achieve your desired style. Booking by phone is required for those who had previously bleached their hair.

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